Total aims at cashless transactions by introducing fuel cards


Fuel giants Total Uganda Limited have unveiled fuel cards for individuals as one of the ways to help customers avoid moving with hard cash to purchase fuel.

According to the company Managing Director, Florentin de Loppinot, the new innovation will also help customers manage how to use fuels and in turn be able to save.

“In the past, large companies were the only ones with fuel cards so as to allow them manage their fleet but we realized the need for individuals to control the fuel they use for efficiency and cost saving,”Loppinot said on Wednesday.

“We are working on seeing how to reduce cash transactions at our fuel stations but transactions go on.”

When asked about the benefits of the fuel card to the debit cards, the Total Managing Director said that a customer is able to transfer balance from one card to the other, a feature not available with a debit card.

“A customer is not charged for using the fuel card yet one with a debit card is charged some fees whenever they use the debit card, making our card unique.”

He also revealed that customers with their cards can be credited with fuel and they pay later depending on the relationship they have their fuel stations.

“Everyone needs to be in charge with the way they spend and the card can suit that role. You can be able to fuel, buy gas and also buy groceries at fuel stations using the fuel card.”

Officials from Total Uganda Limited told journalists that customers can apply for the cards and can also load money on them using mobile money.

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